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At WorldWide Payment Systems, Inc. we are committed to providing you with financial products and services to meet your needs. That commitment includes protecting personal and corporate information we obtain from you. We want to earn your trust by providing strict safeguards to protect information about you or your company as we continue to bring you valuable products and services.

We do not share, swap, sell, distribute or otherwise disseminate your information with anyone other than agencies that are directly involved in your account/application (as per your specific approval).

All online forms are hosted on our secure server. None of the information that is requested is distributed to anyone other than a trained “banker” to determine what is the best way to serve your needs.

Completed approved applications are kept on file at our offices and at the bank/network or gateway (as appropriate). Your merchant numbers or other valuable information is not kept online at our offices. We do not collect cookies, nor send spam email.

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